Season 3: As You Like It


Bar’d Work presents The Shakesbeer Sessions: As You Like It is soon to take place in Sydney in Feb – March 2020.

The night of short, sharp Shakespeare sees Rosalind and her best mate Celia banished to the mysterious Forest of Arden after catching the eye of the dashing Orlando at a wrestling match.

With an array of weird and wonderful characters, one of Shakespeare’s most loved comedies comes to life with a pint and pub grub.

More romance than The Bachelor, better writing than Home & Away, and actors that will share a drink with the audience (before, after, and during).

Tickets on sale now


Lloyd Allison-Young as Duke Frederick / Duke Senior / Audrey / Silvius /
Nicola Bowman as Celia / Phoebe / Messenger
Damien Carr as Touchstone
Alfie Gledhill as Orlando
Emma O’Sullivan as Jaques / Charles / Le Beau / Hymen
Brittany Santagria as Rosalind
Alec Steedman as Swing / Musician


Chris Huntly-Turner as Director
Shannon Ryan as Assistant Director
Natalie Lines as Producer
Nicola Stewart as Company Manager