“This Much Ado might not be the cleverest or most slickly produced production you’ve ever seen but there’s still a good chance it’ll be up there with the funniest.” – Jason Blake,  Audrey Journal

“Bar’d Work are demonstrating, in terrific fashion, that it doesn’t take a complete upheaval of these plays for them to be fantastically accessible for a modern audience. The modern additions and improvisations were great, but most of the humor came straight from a great play being delivered by skilled actors who knew what made it funny and how to communicate that. The audience was in stitches from start to finish, and most of those I spoke to were not overly familiar with the Bard prior. I would thoroughly recommend this for people who haven’t engaged with Shakespeare that much- in the hands of these guys, he might just surprise you.” – Laura Heuston, Theatre Travels

“Very funny. They include crazy pop songs and people stand up and sing and dance. It’s absolutely wild and being performed by some of the very best Shakespeare actors around.” – Elissa Blake, Arts Tuesday on Eastside Radio

“It was fabulous. I do love this idea. Hugely funny”. The use of the space was absolutely magnificent. A hilarious night”. – Trisha Starr, Stages on 2SER

“The performers were brilliant and we love how the play was adapted to suit the venue and also the modern world. They included the crowd in their interactions and we loved the additions of music to keep in engaging and fun!” – Thewhereto

“Beer drinking is essential for setting the tone right for hilarious Shakespeare’s MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING performed by @bardwork at your local pub. They call it #shakesbeersessions. I think it’s a casual weekend time travel.” – Theatre Mouse Oz

“Some of if not the best Shakespeare I’ve seen. These guys were in their element! Thrilling, joyful, and hilarious. GO. You’ll be STOKED you went” –  Dan, audience member

“Can’t stress enough how great this production is – the musical choices and acting in the show are fabulous, and the pub atmosphere lead to an incredible sense of connection between the actors and audience.” – Nicola, audience member

“What an epically, hilarious night. My cheeks are sore from laughing. That was the way Shakespeare wanted his plays to be shown.” – Shelley, audience member

“What a sweet ass night!” – Katie, audience member

“I’m struggling to breathe.” – Shelley, audience member

“That was awesome. What play was it again?” – Reece, barman

“Holy heckin’ shit damn it was good!” – Ryan, audience member

“Funniest night in a long time!”- Shaun, audience member

“It is bursting with joy. You should go and smile wildly.” – Anna, audience member

“Awesome performance, hilarious fun, and the music – Wow!!” – Claire, audience member

“The best Shakespeare I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot!” – Karen, audience member

“Thoroughly entertaining and very funny. If only Shakespeare had been this much fun at school, I might have paid more attention.” – Paul, audience member

“It was truly brilliant. I loved every second of it. Imaginative, innovative, full of music, surprises and naughtiness!” – Amanda, audience member

“Hilarious night. Smiled and laughed until it hurt.” – Tom, audience member